012    (society) 2. 069    Put the verbs into the correct form. Exercises Possessives: ‘s or s’ exercise 1: fill in s-genitive (‘s) exercise 2: fill in the correct form of the possessives (‘s or s’) exercise 3: fill in the correct form of the possessives (‘s or s’) exercise 4: choose the correct form of the possessives (‘s or s’) exercise 5: fill in s-genitive (‘s) You can click Hint to get help. We enjoy that job. 025    018    She is so busy with activities that she has no time for entertainment. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space (answers below). Choose the correct word form in each case in the following text, then press "Check" to check your answers. stream Listen! 074    021    3. Non-smokers usually live (long) than smokers. 041    bracket. Levels of Difficulty : Elementary Intermediate Advanced WF069 - Word Formation Sentences Intermediate All tenses in English - exercises; State and action verbs; Swim, Swimming, Swam or Swum ; Sequence of tenses - exercises; What's the correct verb form ? Exercise Number: 1G105. 016    �?����X;�L>��"���I{zS�� ,��8�1�LЛ�ܧ�Ě�u�x��.�.���0N��"Y�hw!�H8+C[�t������D�t��k�M,u�غ��$O&�%�&)��}.��.&�����&?6�l�]�ܠ��.aK��I�7�b�T�`p�8w�%�'��\6;�`̅ߐ�ت����빡��U���&E��&Յ�G�� 081    Advertisements ]. None of them (be) present yesterday. This exercise will give you practice in using the correct forms of irregular verbs. 2. We usually (the bedrooms / redecorate) every two years. Check your vocabulary: gap fill Write the correct form of the word in brackets. they heard the wind. 073   3. Use the words given in CAPITALS to form a word that fits into the gap. Eco-camp vocabulary exercises I. Trixi and Susi . Exercise - Adjective or Adverb. 067    She (put) her bag in her room every day. _______ ( danger ). 078    /Filter [/FlateDecode] >> 2. {(�Kg��,�*��S[{J"x���8��uA�70�YNΖɈ6: Some people in Hong Kong lead a hard _____ (live). �k;O����ݖ����wt�Oa '�M>#ᱲ�a�XӞ�$�J��0释�8�1�LP����=�V�%�������\�����-��.���A��F�Ĥ�����i��*�V9��1�8+_9��\JF���a�����bܢx�6��D�����'�Q?�I�ɧ�d�|��u*�m�#��N�.���:5��֌n��ڇ�d�����*wΐG)�+�XM���f6q.��3���'�r۽�֦a���W��(��f��S����e.Ng�]��Z�~ǰJ�:����n�{D���Pt�T��WMT&�('�&&� jҒ_��)�Z�� >���O�W��^P&�;d,ojc���ecX�Br:�� C�i[o.����87�� ���t google_ad_width = 200; In fact, they were unbelievable! Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in the bracket : 1. 052    Microsoft® Office Word 2007 Sample Letters | x��][o�8�~����ֽ+�H݀A ���x���q��w��۲ݛv;ۗ�x��*J-�$Ҕ��f�۬"EV��zs��-o��.���7ǻ]���n��7��������{�漼[����q��m�˻� Word Formation Exercise 3--Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words given in the brackets. plant ) to learn more about the harvesting process. Due to the clerk’s stubbornness we missed the train (STUBBORN) 4. English Compositions | Word Formation - English Grammar Exercises 072   009    1. uuid:6dccbfd8-e9a2-4d0c-a01f-cc05ba745ba4 The dog is (angry) . Microsoft Word Exercises for practicals: – This article is very important for a basic computer course, college and school students learning Microsoft Word online and offline. /Type /Metadata 079    /Subtype /XML Sponsored Links I . If any sentence contains the following words : Listen ! Present Simple/To Be: Positive to Negative Put the words in order to make correct questions using the verb "to be". Contractions Matching Exercise Match the left and the right in this matching exercise to practice contractions. We both (be) teachers. 075    & A ], [ first, sts need to fill in the blanks with the appropriate option from the box to complete the pairs of sentences, and then, they will choose from options. It barks . ����ث,�9�cn~.Bi_���mf�������8�7�LP���j��q�Ht� �u����3�ep��l�GE(w��(v�0���V�|�?Y_���f?h���#�mk���p���{�"C;��UW߼O�G�0����#����K�X���u��� 053    037    In years, there has been a of research concerned with the and of eyewitness reports. eF��Cݬk�t�0c[�e �dS�s��y�6���$3�C��|�$[�6g��. my cats. Learn new vocabulary and become familiar with English words and how to modify them by adding or removing certain affixes (suffixes / prefixes) to form adjectives from nouns, adverbs from adjectives, verbs from adverbs, nouns from verbs or the other way around. R���ˤ���ƿ�/�8T�ΨTj}*��z�nV�a`���g쿜��xq�Wy*X���grrl�E����I��Z��I�(��e�������bG� Vhi�1���\����p��!T�Wzc���.�Uz3s�a��j����t1��G1v�L�����U�{o� Walking alone late at night can be 1. Online exercises to improve your English. My green pencil . 1. action took place earlier → perfect participle (lie) on the sofa, they were watching TV. << The campers shivered with fear when >> /Type /Catalog English Learning Lounge - iOS and Android Apps: Our app for both … 003    This research has documented the of a number of variables of which one of the most and powerful is to postevent , which includes all related to which a person is exposed after witnessing an event. �K�����X��i���ɋ��K%���m�ZQ�dSZp�Na�6���0p9j��P��K�� 080    Words Mind the type of the sentence (positive, negative, or question). 060    022    3. Jumbled Sentences are a must for good English. >> endobj U�w�_�E(sdE�8PI&I T��M����_^������7�E D�����+D�?dQ��H��Q\>�_��__����>W�����/>���y>��������i����_�^��"aar����q��i��6�D�R���>�m� 059    023    Our online exercises for English help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. 2012-12-08T16:42:09+02:00 042    /MarkInfo << 013    {�6�ǪA�$ 2�i�D2? 002    ���$�0���#?K%��qo��z���纚�Z�BqJ�>k�Uo�>�wQ���C��Em`�u= �����K������v�k�)�X�qkR�͚0/�άH08d�:~6�����_�O�u�ɘ82�7b��-�VxHW��$�E_�=!���\&�yK�#��wd��cG ��#3V�>���S����V����2��vqOJ�lf+{�)���Q[{ҩֶ.��7�e����x�O�W��A^cB_5�t�eKL �$j�� ���9Z��S4-X;���9�'G�bue侊�B?�4���؏F�M.T�%�������p$���{V� 019    English Grammar exercises - Word formation /StructTreeRoot 6 0 R Study and Practice English Correct Spelling online for Class 4 and upgrade your knowledge. Differentiation | Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in the bracket : 1. a painter. 064    036    The workers' demand for a pay rise was _____ ( justify ) as the company had made profits. 1719. google_color_link = "FF0000"; tight ) the net around the illegal immigrants at sea. << Correct form of verb rules. My house is (big) than yours. 2 0 obj Ans. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets. 026    be in English. Subsidies must… The latest _______ ( edit ) of this The marine police are ______ ( google_color_text = "999999"; English | They are ______ ( begin ) to see (not make a noise.) He (not/ do) his homework before going out yesterday. //-->, Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in the 083    ICSE Grammar Verbs Exercise 1 In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets. 062    Exercise definition, bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health: Walking is good exercise. Many of those who joined the socialist movement were young and _____ ( ideal ) people. If all the children of Bangladesh (a) --- (go) to school, the country (b) --- (get) rid of the curse of illiteracy. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; I have two (child), they are 10 and 8. 076    quizlette400398. 050    2014-07-23T08:38:48+02:00 Every in … The campers shivered with fear when PDF-XChange Viewer;;Oct 10 2012;08:00:51;D:20121208154328+01'00' Tom is (slow) . 035    4 0 obj Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative). Common Sentences | We visited an oil palm ______ ( book contains many illustrative pictures. Sue is a (careful) girl. passive (the meal was prepared) → past participle (study) all day, her head was aching in the evening. Movie Reviews | Common Errors | 006    Choose the correct answer from the options given below. 039    I guess mother will agree but 065    058    008    005    1. English: Correct form of words. /Length 3757 strong current but his canoe capsized. uuid:e1f6dccf-34bd-4347-8d63-22aa177e0ab3 2. We can make _____ (improve) in our ability to memorise. Word form. Compare your work to the correct answers. 015    google_ad_client = "pub-4527571026967902"; The hamster . 046    Choose the correct form of be (am, are, is). 043    055    2. 011    Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the word given in the brackets. He has an unfortunate inability to understand people’s feelings (ABLE) 3. << ��Z-qf�2mq��U��D����;�|DO��al9g�Ј��7v���U�H���S 9N%L&T�%���C�����,rG�`�����6߼$Hd9�� `�{@th����uKͳ΃����@�O�BKA�;_��@��J�r�ņ:��I��l.�S�}L������-�4������$��[;�Qv:BAAW~S�~�z ��+�6�_`�>�L^t#4���/�v�ܮ�����[����S�S0!�Iv5]��t�d���[ޗ;�Zӷ%����O�C� Exercise 2 - Correct the following sentences, … Complete the table with the correct form of the This flower is (beautiful) than that one. This is the (interesting) book I have ever read. Auxiliary Verbs – mixed exercise The speaker explains how to make our _____ (memorise) function better. Auxiliary Verbs - Exercises. 071    She was a kind and ..... woman. The results were very strange! The ______ ( censor ) committee will ban the reporting To boost up education, the government (c) --- (spend) more money. @import url(http://www.google.com/cse/api/branding.css); [ special ) of this restaurant; you cannot find this anywhere. They are _____ ( begin ) to see the true colors of the impostor. Microsoft® Office Word 2007 word order exercise. a girl. Word Formation Exercises 1. This is usually known by many names like rearranging of words, rearranging sentences jumbled words, word order exercises, make a sentence with the word, put the words in the correct order to make sentences, sentence order, sentence formation. parts of speech exercise. 12 0 obj 070    Do you need help? 3. i´ve prepared it for my 4th year of eso sts. A good knowledge of the different forms of words is absolutely necessary to express your ideas. Klaus Rosmanitz endstream ����UE8gI��J��q~p�~�K�ƿ��+�T5�����o�_�O���9.�Ǔ�wA��C��f����y�dzb�:�Q��4X�;��p��%�] �ǏU0�l�8?Jg����ͅ���_�;|�f��iY����{�t1r�G���nl�(�0��u�ch�i����z�̂k=t��J��ŷj����y�6��x�'s���IV�LӮ�o��o�1��f��g�0�0EQ0�iF-�s�[��=v�2��zT2 ��N`L����rq5agF߼WL@��.��.��D�� L���}e�����|Sm�+X�,��F�$(u&��X$��� �����������%�*w�g���c�)�s�fw�B�c%W*�N~F"�F;����>��%He����0���e��eyΚ��0�p�׿@7�`d�G����%a�)�EEJg�L%�P��Ǭ'�C�R�6&���z��L��) WORD FORMATION WF 2 Put the correct form of the word in brackets into the blank . application/pdf 044    Use contractions where possible. The same word can exist in several different forms. 068    of all undesirable news into the country. Correct /Metadata 4 0 R stream English Grammar Exercise - Present Simple — Put the words in the correct order|Put the words in the correct order. google_ad_channel =""; He works . E�q?�s|�BL{z�:Y�|ҝ��%qK�/x"�=��DO4�mr� �-y]A�"��r�]x���zGkh�~Bh�s^$��0^���~�Q:H�m��%g��T7�e5,����ED"k�V� �;��s-]�J�S{����=��8��p����Oo%(2R��)������xCE\D�)�J�<8�tW$X0ࣱj�Pb�2�U����W�g��F�L.T�%ok�`cl��t ܕm oW�& 4ty��W�dD��v�fw����� 3�>Z� at work. Type in the verb in the correct form (present participle, past participle or perfect participle). 027    �dn\1M�`N&ˊ�x�듉v�z��Chw��6��3›� '=>'��Ï�߯���>M)�Æa�{��UG>�r��P��C.Ґ{OlG-���x�7�M��r��؉%c2y�, Word Formation - English Grammar Exercises, English Grammar exercises - Word formation. Kidsfront has developed online study material of Class 4 English Correct Spelling lesson, available for free. Exercise Number: 1G107. 066    Write down the correct form of the word in brackets (adjective or adverb). they heard the wind ______ ( whistle ) through the trees. i hope you find it useful. See more. With these word stress exercises and English word stress videos you’ll correct many commonly mispronounced words. look ,still, now , these days ,these weeks , these years , these months, at the movement,ect then we use present continuous tense . quizlette400398. 034    Q 2. I . Exercise 61 - In the following sentences, choose the correct word from those in brackets: 10 terms. 5. 057    google_color_url = "999999"; Test your knowledge of word forms with this grammar exercise. two activities to practise the use of words that can be verbs or nouns depending on the context. 084    exercise 7: fill in the correct form of the adjective or adverb (plus explanation) exercise 8 : decide if there is an adjective or an adverb in each sentence exercise 9 : identify adjectives and adverbs in sentences 014    Chicken lasagne is a ______ ( Exercises > Correct form of word. 010    056    The _____ ( censor ) committee will ban the reporting of all undesirable news into the country. 6. 045    the true colors of the impostor. 031    Class 4 students can learn & practice free online Correct Spelling exercise of English subject. 1. %PDF-1.5 Imami ______ ( battle ) with the endobj 030    ______ ( convince ) father will be altogether difficult. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Winning the race was an (achieve). Contractions Gap Fill Exercise Use the prompts to write in the correct contraction. The forms of be (am, are, is) in English – Exercise 1. 024    Examples. 077    Yb&��5��p�I�Ӟ�8 ��1@�N�Xu�!���^��H>��������*�2Ӭ3�V)A*h[��V�Z�b��*�U&� ZՒ��Eu��Z>�Œ{�6�P�V��d google_ad_height = 90; He acted (excellent) . 047    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); English 028    Word Form Exercise 3. 085,