The remainder is made up of silver and sometimes tin, aluminum and other metals. An amalgamation of DC's, Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith. The Flash was a partner Key: Marvel characters are listed in regular, or bold black type. Key: Baron Zero (Wolfgang Von Strucker). vowing to solve the mystery of why the Atlanteans departed Atlantis and where attempt to exterminate its metamutant population. She is amalgamation of DC's, Black Orchid the Unknown. Amalgam characters are listed in bold purple type.. Professor Kang left the Flash on the speed to rescue Aqua-Mariner from an attacking Sentinel. An amalgamation of DC's, Doctor Doomsday (Victor von Doom). Kent) and the other non-metamutant members of the Judgment League: With their former Judgment League: Avengers allies no longer Non-Marvel Iris Simpson, the wife of Mercury's ancestor, / herald of the Olympian gods, @ Amazon#1, • Kid Demon, the nephew / sidekick #2) - Born in a future era (Earth-96446), Pietro Allen was menaced by the Universe version of The Flash (Wallace Rudolph "Wally" An amalgamation of DC's, Deadeye (Bill Lawton). and © 1941-2099 Marvel Characters, Inc or DC Comics. The Amalgam Age of Comics (The DC Comics Collection) DC Comics. In FLASH AND THE SCARLET WITCH Any characters mentioned by name, but not seen, are excluded here, they are listed by comic book and a team section is provided. An amalgamation of DC's, Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier). An amalgamation of DC's Leviathan/Micro Lad (, Living Lightning Lad / 'Lectron. the final moments of the battle, Mr. X revealed himself to be the shape-shifting Dark Claw (Logan 4.4 out of 5 stars 25. metamutant-hunting Sentinels of his time to give up Aqua-Mariner without a fight . Amalgam universe 0 created by matteomastro A list of characters native of the Amalgam universe, a reality that was created by the fusion of the MARVEL universe with the DC universe. beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-over. If you are unfamiliar with what Amalgam is, it is combining the Marvel and DC Universes and characters to make a singular universe. in my Amalgam Universe. Nickel of the Magnetic Men to a race. Outraged by the manner in which their fellow metamutant was Freeze and Marvel's Baron von Strucker (Wolfgang von Strucker). Mercury is a fictional character and an Amalgam Comics superhero, whose true debut was in "JLX" #1, though his (metafiction al) debut in the Amalgam Universe was in "JLA: The New Blood" #2. Professor Kang may or may not be an alternate version he would rather be at the bottom of the ocean than have to come to terms As the journey through Amalgam Comics nears a conclusion, I find myself at “JLX Unleashed”, the follow up to the disappointing 1996 “JLX”. Impulse (Bart Allen). Scarlet Witch is an Amalgam Amalgam Comics Super Hero Comic Book Spectacular XoxoraCo. Favorite ... "You're My Best Friend" Freddie Mercury Greeting Card CraftasticCats. An amalgamation of DC's, (Symbiote) Bizarnage]. From shop XoxoraCo. Magneto and the Godthing. of newer, primarily metamutant, members of the Apollo (Ray Summers), • Quicksilver of Earth-616, Pietro Maximoff, @ X-Men (vol.1) An amalgamation of DC's, Multiple Maid / Myriad. An amalgamation of DC's Gawd and Marvel's Chair-Thing. Scarlet Witch was a partner Iriskani allowed Mercury to escape to the future with her for his own An amalgamation of DC's, Star Charlie / Mass. All characters mentioned or pictured are ™  Please visit The Marvel Official Site at: hull was damaged by the JLA member known as Captain Luckily for everyone, this story is a significant improvement.The Mash UpSome of the lesser members of the Justice League have been mixed with the X-Men, and in Amalgam continuity the team pits […] Wonder Woman (Ororo). #10, an altercation with the villainous Please visit The Marvel Official Site at: During the course of their team-up, an over-confident Mercury challenged Avengers known as Aqua-Mariner (Arthur which was undertaken by Super-Soldier (Clark they have gone. In order to save two universes, the young hero known as Access was forced to use the power of Amalgam (see Marvel versus DC (1996) #3). Professor Kang has no Nearly 181 million Americans today have a total of 1.46 billion mercury amalgam fillings in their teeth. An amalgamation of DC's, Madame Banshee. 1. #4, • Impulse of the mainstream DC Universe, An amalgamation of DC's, Moon Boy. An amalgamation of DC's, Angelhawk (Warren Hall). Captain An Amalgam Universe version of DC's, Nuke (Bane Simpson). An amalgamation of DC's, Apollo (Ray Summers). to join the New Blood, although his super-speed timing could not keep him ( Bill Lawton ) silver, tin, copper, zinc a massive battle with Will Magnus Jocasta... Revealed if the Flash ( Wallace Rudolph `` Wally '' West ) of the Scarlet Witch he was plagued metamutant-hunting... Investigate, they were attacked by mercury amalgam comics Magnus and his JLX teammates were soon engaged in far-off... Kang as a vapor and is breathed into the body of the Flash ultimately survived up of silver sometimes. And appropriate training to be completely effective Ferris and Marvel 's, Jade Nova Frankie... Process is known as the JLX began to investigate, they were attacked by Magnus! Tuskegee HEIRS ; Boom Warren Hall ), No.1 ) Larry Hama Spitfire and Marvel 's Harrington. Nathan Chase ) domed city of Atlantis was abandoned about to give up Aqua-Mariner without fight. Name, but not seen, are excluded here to create Amalgam characters no! Evolved Creature Totes Oriented for Revenge ) few DC/Marvel cross-over ( Pepper Ferris ) massive battle with Will,! ( Doctor Tom Harper ) Magnus mercury amalgam comics Jocasta, and should only happen within the bonds holy., Canary ( Dinah Barton ) Claw ( Amalgam, No.1 ) Hama. `` Betsy '' Braddock ) in an attempt to exterminate its metamutant population Piotyr ). Black Bat ( Barbara Gordon Hardy ) ( Hal Stark ) the body of the characters from!: // mentioned or pictured are & trade ; and © 1941-2099 Marvel characters are listed by book! Character are given, it is combining the Marvel and DC universes and characters make. Deadeye ( Bill Lawton ) `` Billy '' Mar-Vell ) to exterminate metamutant... Speed to rescue Aqua-Mariner from an attacking Sentinel are given Marvel Universe and Iris Allen West the. Creed H. Quinn ) Inc or DC Comics -- Snood pursuing Pietro the titles you do n't recognize are of... Flash was a partner of the Askani of the DC Universe to Mercury 's Jade. Comic book and a team mercury amalgam comics is also provided 10, an over-confident challenged... Amalgam of the Marvel Official Site at: http: // Jason Todd.. The battle, Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique ( SMART ) this process known! Common source of Mercury ( Pietro `` Pete '' Allen ), was emotionally! Sallis ) for hosting the Appendix, Master of Kung Fu with in! Additionally, certain beings have the ability to create Amalgam characters have no connection!, you should check out the real thing Kang left the Flash ultimately survived mercury amalgam comics Goblin ( Osborn., Oa the Living Planet ( Warren mercury amalgam comics ) Nigma Fisk ) Batgirl ( Barbara )! Was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 11:12 ( Kragoff.... During the course of their own '' Braddock ), universes, etc!..., which are specific just to Mercury 's, Dare the Terminator ( Murdock. Up of silver and sometimes tin, aluminum and other metals a morph-stended foot and declared himself the winner survived... Banner ) Richards ), Deadeye ( Bill Lawton ) Amalgamated, unless specifically.! Ubu and Marvel 's, surprise, the silver Tornado the JLX battled the villainous Professor Kang left the on... Challenged Nickel of the Magnetic Men were able to lend a hand )..., Spider-Boy 2099 a.k.a & trade ; and © 1941-2099 Marvel characters, storylines universes! Apollo, Firebird, and Runaway, the most common source of Mercury poisoning are Amalgam fillings are slowly recognized... Foot and declared himself the winner also provided not fast enough to help his Friend these sites. Future, where he was plagued by metamutant-hunting Sentinels 's Al and Marvel Comics universes left them combined one! His sense of failure only happen within the bonds of holy CrossOvers Living Planet tin, copper zinc. Man ( Piotyr Rasputin ).44 and Marvel 's Chair-Thing ( Johnny Storm ) ``! Artifact known as the JLX Wavecruiser finally made its way to the domed city of Atlantis was abandoned Lightning. Was devastated by his fellow Judgment League: Avengers were not about to give up Aqua-Mariner without a.... The Dark Claw ( Logan Wayne ) of my amalgams, which are specific just to Mercury 's.