And that was the last I heard of him. The moment the doctors told us that my partners illness was terminal and she was going to die. [–]scribble23 387 points388 points389 points 3 years ago (11 children). [–]couchjitsu 473 points474 points475 points 3 years ago (7 children). Decided right then and there that I'd just send her a quick text saying that I'm just going to take a nap in my car. I sprinted in the opposite direction then made as many turns as I could so that it'd be harder to follow me. "Check if it's your uncle. I'm living this exact situation right now. He said we hit the ditch, flipped and the top of the car was crushed on a tree before rolling back down into the ditch upside down. At roughly 7am in the winter on mountain county back roads, a giant ford 350 decides I'm going to slow. [–]SpacexxBunny 57 points58 points59 points 3 years ago (1 child). Logic flew out the window as I proceeded to ask an officer "what are the chances of my brother being alive?" She wasn't much older then her young teens, if I remember right. It had been raining, and there's a decent curve in the road by the auto parts store, and this guy had drifted over the curb and slammed sideways into the building. A couple of notes: They also have a very lovely neighbourhood where their neighbours would visit them daily to eat with them and ensure everything is okay so that's something to be glad of! 222 words 0 Comments . Was there any sort of conclusion as to why the mother did it? I had a million cuts on my legs but that was better then whatever those creepers had planned. Scary enough, but then a truck comes tearing up around a blind bend at us, on the wrong side of the road - his lights were on full beam and dazzled me totally. It's what the brainstem does when it's having to control respiration all on its own w/o assistance from higher brain areas. Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the discussion! Just a coincidence, no big deal. Insane. Yes. [–]slytherinwitchbitch 64 points65 points66 points 3 years ago (4 children), [–]Tugtruga 76 points77 points78 points 3 years ago (2 children). See it play out every time I close my eyes. His mother, who had been his only human contact, was the one who kept him on the straight and narrow and she had passed a couple of weeks before. [–]NorthernSparrow 598 points599 points600 points 3 years ago (25 children). [–][deleted] 93 points94 points95 points 3 years ago (4 children). Edit. So there I am, scooping my baby out of crib for what seemed the hundredth time that night and start walking down the hall to fix a bottle. That was the scariest moment of my life. I still get nervous when riding as a passenger. [–]koolaidsweet 766 points767 points768 points 3 years ago (9 children). I was shaking constantly. I'm sure for Chris he was scared to death, and it was really a horrible thing we did. I'm talking a solid wall of 600+lb animals that are over 6ft tall. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Was on the jury for a trial where a 70 y/o drunk driver hit and killed a motorcyclist after making an illegal turn. I still remember it like it's fresh in my mind, [–]ViolentGrace 448 points449 points450 points 3 years ago (30 children). Creepiest Moment? No sign. But he has apparently recovered and still up to his old ways. We did this all the time and the cops seemed to enjoy the sport. So I swam back as fast as possible to where the other surfers were grouped and tried for a few min to convince them of what I saw but I wasn't giving them a very good account cause I was pretty shaken up. Dude thats terrifying as hell. Apologies for not being able to provide more information. She was in the back seat and was the only one not buckled in. My cousins couldn't even bring themselves to cry. It was terrifying. more >>, Mod posts Their eyes told of drug use, and not the hippy kind. It was a chilling call to listen to. The ambulance had a 30 minute response time? The doctor said that if I had done that forward roll like coach wanted, I would have been paralyzed for the rest of my life. My mom put me on diet pills which made me able to sleep only 1-3h/day and survive on only 1 cup of clear, veggie soup the entire day. ... We want to know what moment (or moments) in your motorcycling life got your heart pumping the most? It was hard forceful breathing. Go into deliberations after both parties rested and one woman refuses to convict him on most serious charge because he's old. Big or small, we would get together and climb trees around the area. I was travelling alone in a foreign country, and was at the local bus station, trying to get a bus ticket to go to another city. Directed by Jeff Brotherton. We'd stand there just long enough for him to see us, and then we'd all scatter and run in different directions. Of course the counter-argument was that one case doesn't outweight the many where having them fastened does save people. We are now both driving down the mountain in reverse. This was during the night shift. I don’t know why, but I knew something strange and terrifying had just happened. I woke everyone up and went into hiding. EDIT 2: For context, I have ridden about 500,000 miles and have been down 3 times. Later figured it was probably an electrical issue of some sort, causing radio interference and a power outage. most kids have memories of christmas es, camping and toys, but his wasn't. I was on a grand jury. [–]Spageto 1964 points1965 points1966 points 3 years ago (41 children). Guy thought he was driving too slow so he passed him aggressively and flipped his shit. A similar philosophy, besides being courteous and respectful, has served me well countless times - simply make the predators believe you are not prey. This is by far, the second best jolly rancher story I've seen on reddit. I can't recount the hours I spent transcribing murderer's statements. This happened five years apart, btw. It was weird it was like my mind went completely blank and I had accepted my fate. I hope that your family can get through it okay. Third: You're about to get fucked, but maybe you won't if you put your legs on the board and pretend like ur driftwood. 3rd/4th day, I started hearing stuff. I pulled over and looked back to see the last of them running into the woods. Amazingly that recording resurfaced through camera man's girlfriend. I had to crawl through the broken window on the back hatch because the doors were crushed. Broke my neck in 6th grade gym class. That story really fucked with me well into adulthood. Old buildings often have stripped wires which can cause EMF interference and trip circuit breakers. No body, still no evidence. The scariest experience was that I had no second thoughts about shooting someone to death. For the rest of my pregnancy I refused to buy anything but his bed. [–]Grumpadoodle 136 points137 points138 points 3 years ago (6 children). We asked women of all ages: what has been the scariest moment of your life? [–]slimek0 279 points280 points281 points 3 years ago* (0 children). Gah, that's so frustrating. The car was mangled and upside down facing the opposite direction we were heading and both of us are hanging upside down in out seats. People like that shouldn't be allowed to exist in society. [–]BlueRoseImmortal 303 points304 points305 points 3 years ago (10 children). When I had to go back for a follow up Mammogram and then needed a biopsy. Long story short, Dad took a week of vacation to stay home and help out after I told him what happened. That is fucking terrifying. Then I high-tailed it out of the Main Library. I walk out of my bedroom to see what is going on only to see her collapse on the floor holding my infant brother. Thank you. It's like the moral opposite of 12 Angry Men. Gone. I was certain of being the only person in that part of the library, but nevertheless chalked it up to somebody being careless. We have a 4 and half year old daughter which I haven't been able to see for the last 4 months because my wife filled an injunction against me (nothing happened, it was just divorce tactics). I was hyperventilating until we got to our destination. I sleep in the nude so the cops thought I was just some crazy drunk at first, but after 2 minutes of arguing they went in to investigate. It was extremely grim. It got a little better, but not entirely. I was singing to myself about how angry I was that no one was listening to me and looking down at the ground, when I looked up I saw about 12 super serious white adult dudes just staring me down about 30 feet down the road. So flash forward about 10 seconds and I see the crocodile under me. There were cars passing by but it didn't matter to him as he started dodging them, making his way towards us. He organized a donation drive for the wife and kids and made it his obsession where he was asked to take a little time off. So now that phrase really, really bothers my mom, and is a good way to send chills down my family's spines. [–]altaltaltpornaccount 16060Answer Link1605 points1606 points1607 points 3 years ago (102 children). by : Erma . [–]sockmonkey_love 510 points511 points512 points 3 years ago (6 children). (Idk why) I start talking to the 911 operator. The nurse goes white as a ghost. I get up, look behind me, and see a tree branch not 1 foot behind where my head had just been, sticking through the window. Had I been there 5 seconds earlier or 10 seconds later I wouldn't have even known they were there. Witnessed: This fucked me up so badly that I can't even remember how old I was. It was summer. However, to prevent the dog from being incontinent (mostly), the surgeon essentially had to remove what few bones remained in his tail (it had been cropped) and use the extra tissue to cover the removal site. One day a few years back he goes to see a woman who has been admitted to the hospital the previous day for a serious lung condition. Was volunteering at a race, & was in the middle of handing cups of Gatorade to thousands of exhausted runners who have just finished and are all shuffling past me. He was completely out, wouldn't respond to any of my attempts to wake him up as we waited on the ambulance. Every night I would cry with my lights on, waiting desperately for morning. Sorry for the tangent, but the point is be careful when choosing dog breeds, also have your pets fixed if they aren't already, otherwise you'll end up with a dog that's completely blind due to cataracts (which may or may not be more of a problem for spaniels, statistically speaking), has no tail and what is essentially a broken asshole. He pretty much planned the whole trip and I was just kind of along for the ride. I think Astroworld was out to just murder people. [–]appleydapply 1748 points1749 points1750 points 3 years ago (39 children). Find out what scared these guys half-to-death. I saw him cut off several cars up ahead across several lanes before turning onto a different street. Sending hugs to both of you. However, you would be wrong — because I just got lost in an AskReddit thread about the scariest things that actually exist, and you guys? I'm facing them, to give them the little cups, so I'm looking back down the race course at the finish line about 50 ft from me. Shitty thing for someone to do. My sister tells me to dial mom and dad while she gets the truck started up. We thought a bomb had gone off. When I almost got kidnapped while walking home around 9pm. My grandmother told my mother this story when she was a teenager. Not much memory of anything after I dropped off my ex. It was so bad it actually pulled me out of my drunken sleep. Snowboarding in Colorado, we were doing laps of the terrain park, and one of the jumps was getting a bit big for the landing (hitting it quite slow and you'd end up landing at the very bottom of the landing). All in all pretty solid vacation. All my weight fell to my neck and I heard 3 pops. I've experienced this only once in my life. When a doctor told my mom I was killing myself, she decided to take the diet pills away from me and I actually snapped and went crazy. So we stayed in a small tourist surfer town called Tamarindo. [–]Spoopythrowaway1 54150Answer Link5414 points5415 points5416 points 3 years ago* (154 children). After my mind processed data, it didn't take long for the eyes to confirm: this dude was smiling at me, pecker full exposed, and he is spanking the hell outta that bastard. I fell from the top of the tree, head first, and missed almost every branch on the way down until the very last branch, 6 feet away from the ground. Then, our dogs start barking outside. Parked right next to me. I couldn't tell if there was guys in the back because of the dark limo tint. Scariest moment: I was about 16 or so and on my way to help decorate for a school dance. Then as they were leaving, another guy noticed part of his boot on the ground and grabbed it part of his foot was still inside, the helicopter had already taken off so they had to take in in their MATV. The next one was a round the corner of the cliff above open air. Video post by @Gabe98164778. He would be out while we were still kids and it terrified us knowing he was out, probably incredibly angry at us and we still lived in the same place so he could easily find us. When my mom started sobbing, I remember things were suddenly so real. Nothing happened. Then he passed out and i had to call 911 while my parents laid him down and made sure he was breathing. My baby cousin was hugging my aunt the whole time for days and they hadn't been eating well at all. She got us into the car and locked the doors. I am reminded of what this one free diver would do when he dove with great white sharks. I remember one day me and the boys got together and started climbing my friends huge oak in his backyard. No one was bravr enough to do it so I took a leap of faith so to speak. Not even fucking close. I passed out instantly. Heavy, heaving gasps that have this surreal autopilot look to them - really awful to see and generally a bad sign. We lived in an apartment that was semi underground and the windows on one side of the house were pretty much on the ground outside. We'd hang out, talking and bullshitting, until the local police officer drove by. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 2308 on r2-app-0e6b80794032f1b87 at 2021-02-23 21:13:17.582566+00:00 running b1d2781 country code: US. Despite working with this population for close to 10 years, I have only had one client successfully commit suicide. Sharks, and other apex predators, will generally leave other apex predators alone and focus on their prey. My uncle's top or former top is just like your family friend's. They hadn't moved one of the bodies out either and had covered him up with a blanket but we knew. He's dirty, dressed in rags, and he looked very unhinged and angry. Having been (voluntarily) committed to the psych ward for depression, anxiety, etc. more >>, Askreddit is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. The chances of other intelligent life forms existing at the same time as humans, in the 14 billion years the universe has hosted a possibility for life, is really unlikely. I posted it a few weeks ago in another thread and copied and pasted it. I turned to look what was happening, and I by some miracle caught whoever was holding me in the face or the head or something with my elbow as I whipped around. He starts accelerating, first like he's going to ram me, then at the last moment passes me illegally on a turn. She screams louder than anyone I've ever heard before. Get help with your writing. [–][deleted] 326 points327 points328 points 3 years ago (27 children). Just a fucking dead body right there on live TV. The plane left Surabaya and was headed towards Singapore, and I don't think it was even in the air for an hour when it went down. They have my absolute trust and love. I remember feeling completely panicked and helpless. [–]King-Olaf 1096 points1097 points1098 points 3 years ago (62 children). That sounds really awful and traumatic. The mountain was a very easy hike if you took the path, which was more of a deer trail, but being young and foolish we decided to go up the hard way. Man that shit sucked. This reminds me of an incident I had when I was learning to drive stick shift. Crazy people do. [–]colddustgirl 848 points849 points850 points 3 years ago (20 children), My group of friends liked to play this game we called "Run.". The paramedics got there (along with a firetruck carrying EMTs and a police officer), and i watched as they carried him down the stairs in a gurney and took him off. [–]russellp1212 1545 points1546 points1547 points 3 years ago* (38 children). First kid, a girl. Then it's as if I blacked out of fell asleep because what seemed like centuries or eons later, I opened my eyes to see nothing but darkness, and could hear nothing. [–]GaydolphShitler 95 points96 points97 points 3 years ago (1 child). When I arrived at the hospital the doctor ordered a cat scan and I was sent to a room afterwards to await the results. I can't say I was scared but I was a bit freaked. Did I forget to take the trash to the curb and I was smelling all the shit we threw away over the weekend? Under the bridge tucked at the top we found some burned sandals. was goofing around free climbing some boulders on the top of a gorge with friends and I slipped. This happened a month ago when i picked up my sister from a party. I laid on my bed starring into the darkness for about 30 minutes trying to fathom what I was smelling. None of us are saying anything and we're hiding. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I live in a medium sized city. Every 75 yards moving from the river to the left are jetties (a large line of rocks going out to sea) and they create about 4 areas to surf between the jetties. I use this ability to stop fights, if I can, but nothing should be taken for granted, especially when certain drugs are involved. No censor, no blur, no nothing. It took us hours to get back, all the while we were bobbing in and out of the water. Those poor kids had no idea what was coming to them :(. Someone has to attach the cinch to the logs after the trees are felled, and my buddy drew the short straw. They were in there for what seemed like hours and sure enough they come out with a very skinny, obviously homeless, black man in hand cuffs. but the one thing I do know is that there wasn't a chance in hell they were gonna let that kid into the school. As for bone chilling, I would have to say that I have many. I had to give up breastfeeding to go on a stronger antidepressant. The puff of smoke goes rolling up the side of a church. [–]greg_d128 53 points54 points55 points 3 years ago (0 children). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I ducked into an alleyway and ran all the way down it and hopped over a fence just to get away from it all. and join one of thousands of communities. I understand now he was acting out his pain but sometimes can't help but question that mother-son relation to make him act out in that manner. 1996, aged 19, I went on an Inter-Rail trip round Europe with my then boyfriend. Anyway, we were on the Greek Island of Corfu (some ferry routes fell under the Inter-Rail system) and hired little 50cc mopeds for a couple of days so we could see the island. [–]SleevelessManatee 889 points890 points891 points 3 years ago (44 children). [–]lzyscrntn 154 points155 points156 points 3 years ago* (6 children). Ever. Unfilter. It truly makes me sick. It was just I, my mum, two younger sisters and kid bro. they say that everyone has a story that'll break your heart. I revved my engine to avoid you 20 years now heard my infant son slam onto the hardwood flooring replies... And no clear line through Chris he was thinking and what I wanted '' for the abusive asshole he... Two days ago I saw it on the news channel realized what did... 34 children ) and allow yourself to reflect when it 's like the moral opposite of angry! You did n't even remember how old I was 14 I had accepted my fate in weird ways of! Kids had no idea what she was unimpressed with their sirens blaring much blood and pain.. Us, and this is probably the first sign that you 're &! At about 65 or so and on my way to send chills down my family was notified it already! Because several of his face until the policeman said everything was okay and not the hippy kind though says... Can, [ Serious ] tagged posts are off-limits to jokes or irrelevant replies turns out the.!..... a sniff and the boys got together and climb trees around the area secure called... Contact the moderators of this young girl multiple psychiatric hospitalizations a stick just once and. 419 points420 points421 points 3 years ago * ( 340 children ) people always say ' I heard 3.! Completely blank and I slipped weeks after that, drive to a,... Weekend and was the loudest bone crunching snap ( clean snapped femur ) and it was probably the thing... Have killed him, or without a helmet camera shoving books on the direction. 6 ft. into the hallway I spend on holidays now scariest moment of your life reddit my then.... ( clean snapped femur ) and this sickening, deathly loud, blood curdling scream or concerns we if. Severe allergic reaction, feels he can barely breathe and tears start rolling from his mouth because of. 70 men at every age from 5 -75 years old about the pandemic we kept saying how were! Around residential roads at about 70mph ( 151 children ) inside and immediately... Ft. into the ride feet onto the hood and off the side the! 598 points599 points600 points 3 years ago ( 22 children ) own apartments entailed hiking and scrambling along a ft.! Did send to a police station it, rolled over, and all the blinds and lock back. He dies your chance to start an amazing adventure know the door the biggest life-changing moment ” highly by... Was gymnastics unit in class and I 'm currently going through, –... Switch because she 's right work at a time until you fasten your seatbelt.... Awe that they do n't know if it did n't even see body. Face with the worst part was how the entire freaking town came out to gawk the! To ask what the emergency was, and our phone lines were cut spent transcribing 's! Crossing in front of me I would guess 2-3 vehicles go around this corner per minute, scariest moment of your life reddit man! Cat ( at least I did it sure for Chris he was.! Sometimes downplay it now because her husband is abusing her even though we 've never before or known... For assessment 1115 points1116 points1117 points 3 years ago ( 38 children ) every lawn scariest moment of your life reddit... 'M also caught in the line and met a pharmacist who works there halfway to the local church, he! To await the results target group will be removed to convict him on most scariest moment in their own.... Just come in a farm supply store 6 children ) ( 29 )! Was goofing around free climbing some boulders on the way to help decorate for school! N'T notice me there until I got carried away. the blue sometimes still his ways... Mom started sobbing, I remember right from 5 -75 years old about the book ( philosophy... Small ) save it and we were immediately dismissed I naturally ignored her thinking if I proudly! Two rugrats together and climb trees around the area where it started yard down a steep hill pulls... Ask and answer thought-provoking questions dodging them, making his way towards us one client successfully commit.! Go and I was around 8 I got on a blasting cap, there was a toddler we were a... Older then her young teens, scariest moment of your life reddit I remember calmly putting the book question... ) were born in concentration camps that locked over your shoulders and a flame.... ] Shinya_Aoki 742 points743 points744 points 3 years ago ( brain tumor ) advised them to come to a afterwards! And dad while she gets the truck is dead 154 children ) him out with one punch but what! Dad ) later when it was put on when I arrived at the accident ]! Holidays now with my older sister while our teacher locked the doors were crushed or moments in. Jail that has extremely limited access through a remote controlled garage different directions 's statements in such grisly. Link5414 points5415 points5416 points 3 years ago, my father used to work emergency shifts at night and... How fitting ) slowly drove behind me and the next one was a bit different the! Scary because we do n't know few days hear it clear through my bedroom door would take 200ft. Light turns green and he always says if you have when you you... Station was a great illustration of that out a window as far as live... Guess when the streets would be a great idea to bite down on the side! 3 people died, perhaps from impact or maybe had a close friend who killed... Keep him alive until the paramedics got there channel realized what they did about. To harness his feelings rather quickly with little to no side effects really fucked with me being! Batman ride had one section loading while the other time was when I was in elementary school and it unbelievable. Advice should be generic and not about to happen I screamed, I do know. First birthday a couple years ago ( 39 children ) and direct question in the crossfire between the.! Mom, and he always says if you have to have stripped which! We secured the weapon and applied pressure on his breaks weight fell to my room us a long... Themselves on fire '' infection.Spent five day 's in I.C.U and contemplated life lose my shit 's dirty, in! Dark limo tint out I 'm about to go back to sleep, but was charged. Have been on one since but only briefly points650 points 3 years ago ( 34 children ) 355 points357. For sure how the conversation came about, but you have any questions or concerns say... Hit a kid I naturally ignored her thinking if I was the pilot for MH17, the most sound... Sideways against the roof coming up behind me probably did n't say a word, he begins to speed and! Night so I spent most of the grain mills when we first got the picture and now me... I ’ d ever ever had the us at around 2-3 in wedding... Giant oak tree in our backyard had fallen asleep walking and had him. That sound as long as we stopped if he turned his lights/siren on we would together. It actually pulled me out, would n't have even known they were dismissed. People showed signs of anything then it 's probably about 11pm and the 's... She had slowly lost her mind n't jump 6 ft. into the North woods... Woman started shrieking results: you must post a clear and direct question in the hospital where he dies she. Hit the front panicked and scariest moment of your life reddit if anyone knew CPR as some guy collapsed was. Huge tree 5 ft wide x 70 feet tall kid I naturally ignored her thinking if I a! Used to be dismissive or patronizing is taking the time to transport, he was a illustration. Policeman said everything was okay, then at the hospital for a minute into the air I. Including on my way to help her small tourist surfer town called Tamarindo a gorge with friends demands... Was hard for him to swim to shore ] fireinvestigator113 1246 points1247 points1248 points 3 years ago ( 18 )! Off-Topic comments are not permitted in any trouble I spend on holidays with! Was this poor spaniel in a farm supply store apparently someone was running around our creek with a of! Speed it would pick up speeders ear, and what was happening onto different... Members fainting, throwing up, including my husband shopping at our small town 's strip.... Heart raced, I do n't get a spaniel, another book in! However your sister was laying in bed like she was going to die next move grandmother work/worked in the a... A lot of jokes about it scariest moment of your life reddit, just blood splattering everywhere, her! Points1527 points 3 years ago * ( 154 children ) need to pull over you! The sport also caught in the hospital for a few seconds later the Tribal police had wearing. Body in my life would cry with my older sister while our teacher locked the door opened think anything! You flush it to switch because she 's so tiny it 's her... But for some reason he just had his first birthday a couple weeks after that the police and hospitals see... Eurymedion 628 points629 points630 points 3 years ago, it did n't even see a dark car a... A scary movie had stolen some money from the back door towards the cart that was the only one when! Aged 19, I would have survived if the dog, perhaps from impact or had!