I will buy more. I sent it back to savage twice and both times they sent it back with a target that had a good group but they shot it with muzzlebrake in the off postion. Highly recommend. She ran right next to $3000-$4000 guns and beat several. Put it on my 300 Win Mag. WOW. Worth every penny and i will be sure to shop with WITT again. The service of Witt Machine alone was awesome, I had my break within 3 days of ordering and it fit perfect the first time. There was also no loss in accuracy at 150 yards. You can search Witt Machine. bullet at 3000+ fps. Date Added: 12/16/2013, I recently purchased my MB1 for my .338 Win. I am extremely satisfied with it. Now, just a tap on the shoulder. If your on the fence about getting one of these, jump off and order now!! Brake works great and reduced recoil to about what my Rem 700 Varmint in .204 is with a bull barrel. Note: Had to tighten the screws to 10 in pounds as apposed to the 8 inch pounds in the instructions with no issues. Date Added: 05/19/2016, I ordered one of these about a week ago and it came in yesterday. Others wanted one themselves. What a difference in muzzle rise and recoil! Great quality !! I now can put EVERY ROUND in a 2.5in target @100 yards. I will be buying more! Date Added: 10/13/2016, Installed one of these clamp on brakes on my 7mm mag. Quick change foot adapters for your bipod! Date Added: 01/17/2016, I was kind of hesitant to try a clamp on muzzle break after reading stories of failed attempts of shooters using them, obviously due to their own fault. It not only reduced recoil allowing me to see impacts on steel targets it also tightened up groups with various types of ammo. Love it, highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice looking, working muzzle brake. When they 50% recoil reduction THEY AREN'T KIDDING, COULD NOT BE MORE IMPRESSED. Kick was greatly reduced and seemed to match the kick of my 22-250. After mounted it on, it does improve a little on the accuracy. So I decided to test out a clamp on break on my 243. I'd say felt recoil is cut by at least 50%. It is a Remington 700LSS in 300RUM. Highly recommend! Now the recoil is less than my 308 win. It cut the re-coil way down, also did not really notice that much louder, did see fire out the sides. I was loading at or below minimum charge to try to reduce recoil, this thing was brutal at the range when trying to work up loads. Date Added: 12/05/2015, Purchase the COMB for my Rem 300 Long range. This is when I decided to look for clamp on style of brakes since I didn't want to thread this barrel. Thanks Witt Machine team for the great work. Control was excellent. After installing the Witt Machine Clamp on Muzzle Break,there is NO muzzle rise, bipod does not leave the ground. Date Added: 09/09/2017, I have now purchased 5 of the clamp on brakes. Date Added: 09/06/2016, Received my brake toady....Workmanship is AWESOME! The rifle muzzle had very little rise, was quick to recover and get back on target. Date Added: 03/05/2016, Well I measured my barrel per the instructions and then waited anxiously for my muzzle break to arrive and took about a week. was miserable to shoot a 168 gr. Thanks Witt Machine Co for a great product. I was shooting Ted Nugent 130gr. Wow, what a great product. I am not worried about recoil reduction(308 recoil not bad)as much as muzzle rise reduction. Minor scope adjustment and back dead on. My 7mm Mag. I did not expect to receive a new brake, post paid, no questions asked. The brake tames it down so much it's about at a 243 recoil! Some were timid. Does anybody have recommendations for where I can get a barrel threaded in the Austin area? I bought this muzzle brake for my 300 Win Mag on a Rem 700 LR platform. About 4 or 5 shots is all I used to be able to shoot. The scope does kick on my forehead sometimes. I'm truly satisfied and my rifle looks great and intimidating...or could be my face. I have a small video on you tube. ar-15 gamma 300blk muzzle brake 300 blackout. Witt Machine clamp on muzzle brake. No permanent modifications & you do not need a Gunsmith to install. Buy Online with safety transaction. GREAT product, pride in craftsmanship. - 28 TPI -.530 -.575 tapered [/SIZE] (item# 12-3075-SS-T) on my Savage 111F .300 Win Mag with .625" OD IIRC at the muzzle since 2003 without any issues. Brand New. Very easy to install and great support when you call with questions. I will update results after trip to range. Putting one shot through the first and so on at 100 yards. Would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Just go ahead and give them your money. Thanks Witt Machine. I'll check accuracy later but so far i am impressed. Thank you and my order for a 7MM Mag brake will soon follow as well as letting all my friends know of your great business and customer appreciation. !Thanks Witt Machine !!! It made my 7 mm mag fun to shoot.i just ordered 1 for my new 300 mag cant wait tell it comes I would recommend this to any one. We would recommend this store for you. Toggle navigation MENU Sign In ; Go. I love this thing and will never need to use a shoulder pad ever again. Watch ; 5/8'' x 24 thread for .308/300Blackout Muzzle Brake Free Crush Washer. Date Added: 08/31/2014, I have surpassed 1000 rounds of ammo through this brake and I have YET to have an issue. If you searching to check Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake And Savage Tsr 300 Win Mag price. Mounted the break and it stays put on the bench and on target. How do clamp-on muzzle brakes compare to threaded in performance? It's like a 243 i recommand this muzzle break. I would recommend this product to anyone. 7mm mag. I recommend. The recoil felt similar to an AR 15 .223 round instead of a .308. Huge difference in recoil!! For 300 wsm, 338 win mag, & 7mm mag. Definitely sold on this muzzle brake. I do have a limb saver pad on my stock. Installed it on my Ruger Hawkeye Varmint Target 6.5 creedmoor and I can watch bullets impact my target. Thanks Witt Shot both last week & was surprised at the recoil effect. Would highly recommend this product. for my AR-10. $89.00? The directions were easy to read and I followed the instructions for mounting it. Shop our vast selection and save! The recoil felt less then my 243 Win. Date Added: 04/03/2018, I put one on my 30-06 it's unbelivable my 16 years old daughter put 3 bullets in 1 inch at 100 yard Just installed one on 12 ga mossberg 500 for multiple quick recovery shot placement for home or other attackers. The recoil was unbearable, I had a headache after 20 rounds, and often got hit in the face by the scope. It is truly amazing. Date Added: 10/06/2013, I am yet to shoot with this product, but I wanted to promptly review the customer service. Date Added: 12/03/2014, Installed my new clamp on brake today on my Rem. My browning A bolt had very manageable recoil, however that pencil thin barrel was all over the place after the second round. For those who may be heading west this fall in pursuit of big game the NEW Savage Arms 110 High Country could be your new companion. Measure twice and order this item you will not be disappointed. I actually enjoyed shooting my gun. 7mm-08, tested with several rounds and it works great. I must confess that after I put that thing on my gun it was a pleasure to shoot. I was also able to spot my rounds hitting the target even at a relatively short distance with no change in the point of impact. After the hot weather and storms we have in Florida I finely got to the range. Maybe even less. Highly recommended! Five (5) full stars. ( microphone drop). KDF, INC. is recognized world-wide as the leader in high efficiency muzzle brake technology. WOW!!! 700 SPS 26" barrel 308. The medium-contoured barrel features an adjustable muzzle brake to manage recoil, allowing shooters to concentrate on placing shots with precision. I'm guessing at least a 50% recoil reduction if not more. Easy to install. MSRP. The barrel measures .585 at muzzle so a standard 5/8" 24 pitch (.625") .308 MB won't work? Please see Measuring Information for details. Date Added: 02/22/2016, I got this for my Reminton 700 LR in 300 win mag before I put this on I could only shoot around 20 rounds before I started to pull and finch so my shots would be super off now I will shoot with my buddies long range and can put up 60 rounds down range the only reason I stop shooting now is that I would go broke in a few days of having to spend $30 on a box of ammo overall it's a great product and it makes the gun look sexy! Keep in mind this round measures .338 inches! Like most brakes they are loud but they don't seem to be any louder than a BOSS I have on a Browning BAR 270WSM. I received my break for my 220 Swift and installed it and took it out for ranging. P1120178.MOV ... Remington 770 300 win mag with Kahntrol muzzle brake - … Yesterday, 7/26/13, I was finally able to get out to the range to see how the brake performed. I went with the already pre-fabricated measurements for my rifle that Witt had. Date Added: 10/15/2013, Just received my MB1 and mounted it onto my Mossburg ATR .270. Shot … There is zero muzzle jump and the rifle recoils straight back. Date Added: 01/23/2016, I put the clamp on brake on my Savage 300 win mag. Usually .75 at 100 yards, now it's one jagged hole. 05/19/14 Thank you for a excellent product and service. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting recoil reduction for their rifle. Bravo to Witt Machine! I took before and after videos, the results are amazing. Date Added: 08/29/2017, I was finally able to test this out on my Remington 700 Long Range in 300 WM. Date Added: 03/05/2018, Wow!!!! GREAT PRODUCT! Every Savage barrel is geometrically perfect�we make sure of it. iy_2021; im_01; id_19; ih_05; imh_06; i_epoch:1611061573997, py_2021; pm_01; pd_16; ph_17; pmh_36; p_epoch:1610847381505, bec-built-in; bec-built-in_1.0.1; bodystr, pn_tstr:Tue Jan 19 05:06:13 PST 2021; pn_epoch:1611061573997, AccuFit system lets shooters quickly adjust comb height and length-of-pull, AccuStock rail system secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, 26-inch button-rifled barrel with adjustable muzzle brake (fixed muzzle brake on 338 Lapua Magnum), Hinged floorplate magazine (detachable box magazine on 338 Lapua Magnum), Soft grip overmold fore-end and pistol grip surfaces, https://www.savagearms.com/content?p=firearms&a=product_summary&s=57021. My groups tightened up 1/2" also. It really says that they stand behind their product and I will buy from them again. Excellent product. Watch.308/300 Blackout Engraved Aggressive Muzzle Brake 5/8x24 Pitch - We The People. Tried brake on barrel for test fit before applying lock-tite. Ken, you have outdone yourself. First trip to range...2" groups; 2nd trip ...1.25" groups; 3rd trip ...1" with one group at 1/2" ...all at 100 yds. Date Added: 06/30/2016, Wow my 300wm kicks less than my 3006 I'm impressed with Witt's guarantee of workmanship. Date Added: 10/17/2015, my wife just got me a clamp for my 7mm08 man what a different make Is like shooting a AR 15 it is great very mild on recoil now deer look out But one thing you will have to re zero your scope it does change the bullet path. Three buddies on the range shot it and could not believe the difference. Date Added: 12/02/2014, I love to shoot my savage 112BVSS in 300winmag its an extremely accurate rifle,but WOW what a huge difference when i installed my MB1 brake. I plan on purchasing another brake for my .223 so my son can enjoy shooting too. Mounted on Remington 700 Long Range in .300 Win Mag. Thank for a fine product!!! After installing this brake, I couldn't wait to get to the range. even the muzzle threads, and the action threads are tight and well machined, and that's where to good stuff ends. Thank you Witt Machine. Date Added: 04/29/2016, I live north of Seattle and had a brake installed, tuned etc. Really well thought out and engineered ! One more thing, Witt's clamp on muzzle brake after mounting did not change the point of impact on my 300 WSM. Date Added: 07/05/2016, Superb workmanship. Date Added: 07/11/2014, I ordered the clamp on muzzle brake with the black cerakote finish for my Savage 110 in 30-06 because the muzzle would climb almost 8 inches every shot. It took only two weeks from order to delivery and it fits like a glove on the 24" fluted bull barrel. Took it to the range the very next day and WOW!, what a difference. I supplied Witt with the measurements for my rifle and the new muzzle brake fit perfectly. I fired of 40 rounds with out using my heavy rest, just using bags. Point of impact did not change, groups have been made smaller this brake ROCKS, one awesome piece. The one word that would sum it up is "Unbelievable". Last weekend while at home, I shot it for the first time. The man on the phone asked me to re-measure and email the new numbers. Mag. It does reduce recoils on my shoulder but the scope keeps kicking back every shot. I managed to shoot 2 whitetail deer and 2 nilgai antelope and a few hogs without even the hint of a sore shoulder. Buy this. Clamp-On Muzzle Brakes. I purchased the MB1 for a .308WIN build that I did and wanted to stay on target with the scope. I'm typically not a person who writes reviews, but I was back here on the website ordering another brake for my brothers savage chambered in 7mm Magnum, and I thought it was well worth the time to leave a positive review for something that works as well as this product does. Mounted mine per the enclosed instructions on a Howa 1500 300 Win Mag action. This is a great product at a great price, and best of all, it doesn't require having threads cut on your barrel. Buy Online with safety transaction. Back in 2002, John Paul partnered up with shooter Chad Peterson for the 2002 D&L International Tactical Rifle Championship. Service was 10 stars~Had them in less than a week & a perfect clamp on fit. The fit and finish on the product I received is excellent. I installed this on my T/C Venture .300 Win Mag. Bought an MB1 for my Bergara B-14 Hunter in 300 Win Mag. The brake does not increase the noise just the direction that it comes from. And took my shot group size from 1/2 moa to 1/4 moa. Will likely order a threaded version for my Tikka CTR next. This is an excellent product! I am now thinking of getting one for my Benelli M2 tactical shotgun. 22 watchers. Thanks Witt Machine and I will be ordering again in the near future. Was planning on selling that thing because it was painful, couldn't shoot more than 4 or 5 rounds, now I can shoot it all day, I'll probably go broke feeding the thing ammo. Thank you to Ken and his team for being part of a great company! Nobody would thread it for us, so I got this for the Sig Sauer 3 day precision scoped rifle course. Works as described, and the USA made quality is there. Read More. Expect more orders from me and my shooting friends. I marked the barrel to check for any movement. If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. I received my order as promised and I was very impressed with the inital observation of the overall workmanship and quality finish (I had my brake finished with Cerakote). Date Added: 11/25/2017, I've got other adjustable gas blocks and I like this one the best, I like the fact that at anytime I can take it off no matter what. I got the brake early last week, installed it per the instructions that were very easy to follow. Recoil is now mild. Tighten it down and kt is going no where its totally secure. Being that I have a torn labrum/rotator cuff in my shoulder, it was certainly apparent when my arm didn't feel like falling off that there was a significant reduction in recoil. Tapered, Straight, or Stepped, we machine brakes for them all.Because these brakes are custom cut to Your dimensions we can hold tighter tolerances on both the bore and bullet exit hole to greatly reduce recoil and muzzle rise (minimum 60%).Our clamp on muzzle brakes are cnc machined from 416 stainless steel andrequire no permanent modification to the original firearm. WOW!!! I plan to purchase two more for additional rifles. Did several measurements with a Micrometer, fitted perfect. Date Added: 07/08/2013, Before I write the review I will start by explaining why I was in need of a muzzle brake. I have developed long range loads that are competitive in this setup..Thank you Witt Machine. Took my 300 win mag that I could only shoot a few shots thru in one sitting to having to wait for the barrel to cool off cause I don’t want to stop shooting it now. They didn't balk at all and immediately sent me a new one with the measurements I gave that I took off my rifle. I love it. Even in quick fire ( 3 à 4 shots a second we have nice groups ( 3 inch diameter) and 100 nm. Date Added: 04/22/2018, Purchased 2 clamp on brakes,one for a Weatherby Vangaurd 6.5-300wby,and one for a Remlington 700 long range 300 ultra mag,both fit perfect and worked exceptionally,the 6.5-300 kicks about like a .243 win and the ultra mag comparibly to a 30-06!Witt Machine ,job well done,exceptional product and exceptional service,highly recommend! Very happy with this product. Date Added: 12/25/2015, Purchased one for my long range rig, a Savage 112BVSS in .300WinMag. I couldn't group my shots at all. Date Added: 12/29/2016, Have purchased 4 of these clamp on muzzle brakes. Savage Hog Hunter .338 Build Hey all, Got some pictures of my new Hog Hunter. Date Added: 07/20/2015, I was absolutely delighted with this brake. When the stakes are high, settle for nothing less than the precision and adaptability of the Savage 110 Tactical. Have not shot it yet but feel it will be like a 223. Just be sure to not stand next to one in use! Arrived at my mail box in just a few days. a few months back. I installed my muzzle brake and put the rifle away. Date Added: 03/14/2016, I am rarely impressed, But today I am. I put this break on a Remington 700 chambered in 7mm rem.mag. Already told others about your great service and thank you Ken for giving your time as a Marine, Semper fi !!! Their measurements for machining where dead on with my supplied measurements, went on tight, and gives the rifle attitude. Get one of these! I going to get another for my .223 bull barrel. Date Added: 11/14/2013, Bought one a couple weeks ago. Date Added: 01/08/2018, I have two of Witt Machine muzzle brakes on two different 308 tactical rifles they work exactly as stated, they are a quality product very easy to install.

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