180035 2 . PSHE and RSE Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact . In an effort to assist schools in assessing the quality of their curriculum, Ofsted has divided matters into three baskets: intent, implementation and impact. Looking for a new or different approach to completing self-evaluation in your school? She studied Modern History at A Level and has used this to help develop our History curriculum at All Saints. Council, ‘the ability to understand the faith or belief of individuals and communities and how these may shape their culture or behaviour, is an invaluable asset for children in modern day Britain.’ The aim of this course is to help you understand the Ofsted terms 'Intent’, ‘Implementation’ and ‘Impact’ and how to apply these to your practice. What We Offer; Useful Links; Children's Area. Assemblies. St Mary Magdalene Church Gardens Holloway Road London N7 8LT . Computing: Intent, Implementation and Impact (July 2020) Intent It is our intention to enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. Curriculum research: assessing intent, implementation and impact This research sets out what we have done in phase 3 of our research into the quality of curriculum in schools. Intent, Implementation and Impact. Whole school subject Intent, Implementation and Impact Statements and Teaching Overviews: WHOLE-SCHOOL-III-Statements.pdf . Communicating Intent, Implementation and Impact. Attendees will leave with a full understanding of the requirements of the new Ofsted framework. Impact The impact of our art and design curriculum can be seen not only in our children’s sketch books but also through classroom displays and the school environment. Our Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact 2020 -2021. • Safeguarding is effective. Here's a template for completing it as a working document that uses the key ideas from Ofsted's new inspection framework as a starting point. RWI Intent. They explain why you teach what you teach and do what you do. Cookies. What is a Self Evaluation Form? Meadowfield School Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact 2019 - 2020 Meadowfield school is a provision for pupils age from 3 years to 19 years with profound, severe and complex needs. We want children to know more, remember more and understand more in computing so that they leave primary school computer literate. Some cookies are necessary in order to make this website function correctly. Expected outcomes. intent, implementation and impact Phase 3 findings of curriculum research This report outlines what we have done in phase 3 of our research into the quality of curriculum in schools. Curriculum: Intent, Implementation & the Impact. Curriculum: intent, implementation and impact Development work for the new inspection framework Sean Harford HMI National Director, Education Curriculum survey Slide 1 2. An investigation into how to assess the quality of education through curriculum intent, implementation and impact December 2018, No. Vision: Ince CE Primary School is led by the light of Jesus within us all, guiding us on our individual journeys through life, so that we can grow and learn together to shine as one throughout our wider community. Focus on quality assurance – evidencing impact of curriculum. • Pupils’ work across the curriculum is consistently of a high quality. We also focus on developing the skills necessary to use information in an effective way. At Wootton Park School we have developed a curriculum which: Develop our learner’s learning (Our head and body: what we learn) Develop the character of our learners (Our heart and character: Who we are when we learn) Develop behaviours and habits to become effective learners (Our actions and attitudes: How we act when we learn) Develop … Contents. These are set by default and whilst you can block or delete them by changing your browser settings, some functionality such as being able to log in to the website will not work if you do this. • Intent • Implementation • Impact • Deepening understand of what a ‘knowledge-rich curriculum’ looks like • Lessons in Curriculum Design from Cognitive Science and other Research • Role of cognitive science in understanding memory and learning. Dr Helen Drury reflects on Ofsted’s new inspection framework while launching a new section of the Mathematics Mastery website designed to help our partner schools communicate the ‘Intent’ of their curriculum and explaining how Mathematics Mastery supports teachers to close the implementation gap. Religious education has a unique place as a central subject in the curriculum of St Pauls. Quality of Education (Intent, Implementation and Impact) • The quality of education provided is exceptional. Curriculum: intent, implementation and impact. • Pupils with SEND achieve exceptionally well. This, perhaps predictably, has caused some school leaders to panic and insist that planning documents be rewritten taking the ‘three Is’ into account, massively adding to teachers’ workload and stress. Everything we do is with the child in mind, and strong relationships are built between pupils and staff which create an atmosphere for learning which is conducive to success. Music Statement of Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact: Intent: At All Saints we aim to enable out children to use the universal language of music within a high quality musical education that promotes the love of music and use of talent in a variety of contexts. Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement At Parks, we believe that the teaching of reading is integral to a child’s understanding and appreciation of the world around them; a platform that allows our children to see beyond what they know, share in cultural experiences and develop the vocabulary they need to effectively express themselves. • Pupils consistently achieve highly, particularly the most disadvantaged. Ince CE Primary School is led by the light of Jesus within us all, guiding us on our individual journeys through life, so that we can grow and learn together to shine as one throughout our wider community. #Let your light shine . Leadership and management. However, when designing the curriculum, the intent, implementation and impact cannot be done in isolation. Curriculum Questions for Intent, Implementation and Impact. History Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact. Our curriculum leads to confident, independent learners, who have a passion for learning and are adaptable to the needs of the world once they leave the school. Intent, Implementation and Impact. Home; Key Information; Curriculum; Intent, Implementation and Impact . Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact Parents Guide To The New Curriculum School Curriculum Statement Curriculum in Action Reading Whole School Curriculum 2020-2021 School Improvement Plan Progression of skills subject overview Whole School Curriculum 2019 to … Impact: By the time children leave St Paul’s, they are competent readers who can recommend books to their peers, have a thirst for reading a range of genres including poetry, and participate in discussions about books, including evaluating an author’s use of language and the impact this can have on the reader. Following on from this blog, I will be writing a blog about planning and provision in Early Years and how your curriculum is directly linked to this. In order to be able to demonstrate impact, providers will first need to determine what the performance measures are for each outcome. Applying the latest educational research on curriculum design & evaluating your local context • Understanding your local context • Wellbeing Newsletters; Useful Links ; News and Events.

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